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最近目にとまった PWA 関連記事まとめ

2018年1月から2月くらいの間に目にとまった PWA 関連の記事のリンク集です。

Twitter などで見つけたものを自分用にリスト化していたのですが、折角なので公開します。




Microsoft、年内に「Progressive Web Apps」(PWA)をアプリストアに追加へ – ITmedia NEWS

登場から約2年…「PWA(プログレッシブウェブアプリ)」の普及状況は? | Web担当者Forum

iOSのSafariでPWAがいよいよ動くようになった、iOS 11.3ベータ版がService Workerを本格的にサポート開始 | 海外SEO情報ブログ

PWAのメリットと導入事例、対応ザラウザ、よくある質問、実装方法まとめ | Web制作ナビ


Firefox 58 Launched With Improved Graphics Engine on Desktop, Help for PWA on Android – Global Tech News

Why eCommerce Can’t Afford to Ignore Progressive Web Apps in 2018 – PWACommerce – eCommerce Progressive Web Applications

Apple Starts Implementing Progressive Web App (PWA) Plumbing & Rejecting App Store Submissions

Using React and Next.JS to build a PWA – The Beginner’s Guide

Firefox for Android updated with PWA support, improved bookmarking – Android Community

Infographic: Progressive Web Apps. The Future of Mobile. – AppInstitute

Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps – Who Wins?

PWA Design – Noteworthy — The Journal Blog

Welcoming Progressive Web Apps to Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 – Microsoft Edge Dev BlogMicrosoft Edge Dev Blog

The Rise of PWA Apps and The Impact on Cross-Browser Testing – Continuous Testing Blog for Mobile And Web Apps

PWA Reference: Curated links for mastering PWA in 2018

Service Workers explained

Progressive Web Apps — The Next Step in Web App Development

Project PWA Fire | pwafire

PWAs are coming to iOS 11.3: Cupertino, we have a problem

2018 State of Progressive Web Apps – Progressive Web Apps – Medium

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 46 | WebKit

Workers at Your Service | WebKit

A beginner’s guide to Progressive Web Apps | Codementor

Apple goes back to the future with web apps | Computerworld

Progressive Web Apps: The New Frontier For Mobile Browsing

Magento PWAs: What are They? How do They Work? | InteractOne

Best App Development techniques: Native App Vs PWA | KNOWARTH

PWA will replace many Mobile Apps | Avinash K Sinha | Pulse | LinkedIn

Safe Service Worker Registration · – James Milner’s personal blog

What’s Next in Mobile: Progressive Web Apps

Native And PWA: Choices, Not Challengers! — Smashing Magazine

Why Progressive Web Apps Are Looking Increasingly Attractive to Developers

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